To compensate for the fact that there are only about eight pictures and six pages of story featuring Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, I've spent quite some time building up a collection of fanart and fanfiction. I'm always willing to add more if you have any to send my way!

I ask that you respect the artists and refrain from taking anything and reproducing it elsewhere.

 Alana               Andrea             Butterfly >
 Christin >                                                           Daewia             DavisJes           Delia                Gina >
 Jamee >                                                            Jeremy
 Lady Jade >
 Laurie              Lisa >                                        Margarete        Mary-chan         Megan              Minako
 Miriam >                                  Rainbow Brite    Rebecca
 Sailor Lethe >                                                                                                    Saki-chan         Saskia              Silent Angel
SMJ Kitty         Spamina           Togemon         Umiko >                                                              WindraceR        Yume

Meghan: Untitled * 2 Colored Butterfly

Daewia: Untitled
StaryuB: Purple Rose
XvNightRoseXv: Untitled

Yumeko: Reflections of a Papillon
Joe: Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon's Prologue