2 Colored Butterfly by Meghan
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"Ha ha ha!" A deep husky voice laughed. "You insult me with your weakness!" The voice laughed again. "Do you actually think you could beat I, the Soul Harvester with that weak attack?" The voice laughed once more.

"What? That was my strongest one and you're not even fazed! No! Impossible! You're lying!" The solder screamed at the Soul Harvester.

"Why should I lie to you, but don't answer that. You should save your last breath saying good bye to all you have failed." And with that the Soul Harvester fired butterflies at the sailor that looked as if they were made out of water. They flew towards the solder and formed a bubble around her head.

As she fell slowly drowning and being suffocated the Soul Harvester couldn't help but smile, she would have another grave to make and flowers to leave on it. But as she watched her die she felt a shock of immense pain and she was short of breath, but she shook herself and the pain disappeared.

She turned towards the far off castle and said out loud and mentally, "Galixia-sama I have gotten Sailor Quick Silver Wolf's sailor crystal." The Soul Harvester said as the sailor crystal floated up to her outstretched hand.

"Very good Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion," said an icy cold voice. "Come to the castle with the crystal for a reward."

"Right away Galixia-sama," Heavy Metal answered trying to control her excitement.

She stared off towards the castle and fluttered her beautiful butterfly wings. While she did that she thought I think I will fly to the castle, I haven't done that in such a long time. She leaped into the air and started to fly off towards the castle.

She stopped at the castle entrance. The door swung open by it's self to allow her to come in. When she walked into the entrance hall she was amazed at its beauty for everything was made of gold and there were designs carved into it. As she looked around she heard soft footsteps. She looked in the direction of the sound. Sailor Phi was walking towards her.

"Good day, Sailor Phi." Heavy Metal said bowing with respect.

"And to you the same." Phi said as friendly as she'll ever get without talking to Chi. Heavy Metal was on good terms with both of the garden solders. "Follow me to see Galixia-sama's chambers." Phi said and turned around and started to walk away. Heavy Metal followed her obediently.

She was lead into a huge place in the middle of the castle where in front of her stood the Golden Queen herself. Phi knelt before her and said, "Galixia-sama Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion is hear as you requested."

The Golden Queen turned around and Heavy Metal bowed lower then Sailor Phi, since she was at a lower ranking.

"Rise Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion and present the crystal. " Heavy Metal did as she was told, and the crystal flew to Galixia-sama's hand and then disappeared. "You have been one of my more…successful warriors." The Soul Harvester knew whom she was talking about. "So as a reward you will be able to get your own crystal after Phi and Chi of coarse," she said glancing at one of the two garden solders who didn't seem to mind. "You may also pick the location, name, atmosphere, and climate of your planet instead of having me choose for you." Galixia-sama said and then almost sighed.

"I hope you are more successful then the others who came before you, but there is still hope remaining for the rest of Shadow Galactia."

Heavy Metal bowed deeper and said, " You are to generous Galixia-sama," said Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion. She started to back away with out turning around for that would be disrespectful.

"Soul Harvester, do not fail me." Galixia-sama said with no nonsense in her icy voice.

Heavy Metal returned to the door with Phi following her. Sailor Phi stopped her and said, "Heavy Metal this is a great honor, do not blow it like those other fools." Sailor Phi said sternly.

"I am honored to hear you say that Sailor Phi." Heavy Metal said bowing.

"You should get back to your post now Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion, Galixia-sama does not like slackers," and then she turned around and left.

As Heavy Metal flew back to the graveyard she thought to herself Today has been a very peculiar day. But I don't care, I am in good with Galixia-sama and Sailor Phi and possibly Chi.

She arrived at the graveyard to a greeting of soul butterflies. "My little ones, it's time to make a new grave, now go and gather flowers for me and the grave." Heavy Metal ordered. And the butterflies disappeared to fulfill their duty.

The Soul Harvester started to make the grave by using her power. She scooped up the glitter like powder that was the remains of Sailor Quick Silver Wolf. She carefully put it in a coffin and said a prayer to protect her soul before closing it. Then she used her power to move the coffin into the grave moving the coffin in the right direction with her hand. She said one more prayer then used her power again to put the dirt back in the hole, covering the coffin completely. A few moments later the butterflies appeared again with the flowers. She placed them on the grave and said, "May your soul be protected." And placed the flowers on the grave. Then she made a tombstone for Sailor Quick Silver Wolf.

She stood in front of the grave looking for any flaws that would be disrespectful, when the ghost of Sailor Quick Silver Wolf appeared in front of her. Quick Silver's eyes were pleading and asked, "How come you killed me Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion?"

"It was an order direct from Galixia-sama herself. I can not disobey her orders." She answered.

"Why did you join her?" Quick Silver asked. Heavy Metal thought and then said,

"She told me if I joined her, she might spare my people and planet so I joined to save them."

"Did she?" Quick Silver inquired.

"No, but it was to late for me, she had already given me the bracelets." Papillion said softly.

"I am sorry." Sailor Quick Silver Wolf said.

"Don't be, you tried to save everyone and I stopped you." Heavy Metal said in barely a whisper.

"I forgive you though, you were just obeying orders.

You seem like a different person now instead of how you were earlier." Quick Silver observed.

"It's the bracelets, when I have to fight I sort of become another person. But this side of me could feel your pain when I killed you. So I always know the pain of my victims. I am constantly teetering on going to my other self all the time so I try to stop it by praying for the souls of everyone I killed…" her voice trailed off.

"How come you can feel the pain?" Silver Wolf questioned timidly.

"They don't call me the Soul Harvester for nothing, I can connect with souls." Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion answered almost smugly.

Quick Silver nodded then turned into a small group of butterflies that fluttered around her, as they were doing this she could of sworn that they were whispering in Quick Silver's musical voice, "I forgive you…I forgive you."

Then the other butterflies joined in on fluttering around her, she could hear many soft voices whispering, "We forgive you…we forgive you." Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion raised her arms in a relief and let the butterflies' soft wings lightly brush her body. She felt loads of stress seep from her body and she almost cried she felt so wonderful. This continued for several minutes until the butterflies went into a formation and soared in the air. Heavy Metal jumped into the air with them and flew around the graveyard with them, then she softly landed and the butterflies broke the formation and flew in free style.

It was many days before Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion had to make new graves. The graves were for the Starlights. Soon after that Eternal Sailor Moon appeared and finally freed Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion's soul. When she died, her soul turned into butterflies also and her and the butterflies flew around in the same formation as before. It was sort of their little way of celebrating, for they all knew she would free their souls and they would all be reborn again on their newly reborn planets.