Untitled by Meghan
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"No! Please no," screamed the voice of a young women.

"Then join me, or I will kill you and everyone else on this planet," answered the hot voice of Galixia. "I will give you one minute to think of your answer, and then I will kill you if you answer wrong Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, " she said grinning evilly.

Heavy Metal thought quickly, If I join her then everyone on this planet might have a chance to live, if I don't then she will steal my soul and my purity along with everyone elses. But then again she might not let them live even if I do join... Suddenly a flash back captured her.

She was little and playing in a garden full of roses and butterflies, a lady her mother, was watching and her small self was laughing. She heard her name being called and she turned around to her mother.

"Little one, there is a golden goddess, she protects us all. She is the most powerful being in the cosmos with the purist of all hearts. Her name is Sailor Galixia the Golden Queen."

Her small self listened in awe as her mother told her stories of the Golden Queen.

Suddenly she was pulled back into reality and remembered the situation she was in, She was sitting on the barren ground with serious injuries and a life or death answer.

"Sailor Galixia, I was told you were a golden goddess with a the purist of all hearts... what happened? Why do you wan to destroy everything?"

"Because I saw the light, if I can get the four right star seeds then I can re-make this universe. And all who followed me will get there own perfect planets with whatever they want on it... Now your minute is up answer me yes or no?" Galixia's once dreamy yet still evil voice had no became a command.

"If I join you will every one on this planet be ok?" said Heavy Metal.

"Perhaps no what is it?" snarled Galixia.

"...Yes..." Heavy Metal answered with a trace of regret.

"Smart choice, now let me take care of this..." and as she said this she blasted the area and after the dust settled star seeds were floating all around. "You said they wouldn't get hurt!" screamed Heavy Metal. "Silence!" barked Galixia, "I said perhaps, now this might sting about... I wouldn't know." and then the blast split through the sky and a star seed appeared and Galixia gave her a bracelet.

A figure was standing there but looked wicked as if she had never seen or had anything pure. Galixia smiled. "Now Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, your new job is Soul Harvester, Now follow me."

When they arrived Heavy Metal started to make graves for all the dead soldiers, as butterflies floated around her.