Heavy Metal was uploaded onto my Tripod account on May 31, 1999, but it was officially opened on June 1, 1999. On July 11, 2001, I moved Heavy Metal from Tripod to my new domain,, which died in 2015 and now here we are at

As for why I made this page, this is what I said way back in the day:

The first thing I noticed about her was the name - Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon. I've always love the word papillon, it just sounds so nice. ^^ Then when I saw the sad lack of anything about her on the internet, I took it upon myself to change that. So I made this little page. ^^ While researching and gathering all I could, I only came to love her more. She has such a dark air about her, being in the graveyard with such dark, lacy fuku. Just looking at her you can almost tell that her story is so very sad. ;_; Plus she's just so cool! Sailor Stars has some of the best villains, in my opinion.

But yes, I've been working on this page for such a long time, and it's brought me so many wonderful things. I've met great people, actually gotton some recognition, and had so much fun sharing my love of an underappreciated Sailormoon character. ^__^

And this is what I said a while later in 2006:

So that was crazy anime-fangirl highschool me, but why did the me that is a 21-year old fourth year university student come back and revamp this page? Why have I kept it around for over six years now?

Because I still love it! Pretty Guardian Sailormoon pulled me right back in, and now I've gone out and bought the entire reprint manga and the first season of the original anime, and I'm plugging through it with my pathetic Japanese. And the farther I go, the more I remember how much joy Sailormoon used to bring me, and now that joy's back again.

Yes, I admit I'm a huge dork.

Besides, I don't think I've given any page I've ever made as much love as this one. And even though the online Sailormoon community (especially the animamate faction) is not at all what it used to be, I'm still here! And Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and I aren't going anywhere.

And here I am (in 2009) with a M.A. and a webpage that's still going strong. So to summarize: I love Sailormoon and Sailor Heavy Papillon. I always have, and it seems like I always will!

To my pleasant surprise, Heavy Metal has been honored with a few awards. Thank you so much!

Neherenia's Church in the Shadows Site of the Month for July 1999 (view image)
Lady Jade's Award of Perfection (view image)
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Lady Jade's Monthly Award - January 2001 (view image)
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