Sailormoon, Sailorkakyuu, and Sailorchibichibi are running blindly through the fog. Suddenly, Sailormoon stops; before stretches row upon row of tombstones and she wonders where they are. A winged figure standing in a swarm of butterflies tells them they are in the final land to where the remnants of dead stars drift, and that these butterflies are the last flames of those stars. The funeral procession of the butterflies scatters across the galaxy, with never an interruption.

On three crosses are the faces of the Starlights, and Kakyuu drops to her knees in despair. The woman points out a new grave being freshly dug, and wonders what color the butterflies of Sailormoon, Kakyuu, and Chibichibi will be. They are shocked to see that is their faces on three tombstones by the new grave.

Suddenly vines wrap around their bodies, and the woman tells them the next funural procession will be for them. Sailormoon chokes on the vines as they tighten around her neck.

"I am the final soldier of the Sailor Animamates!" the woman says, "The soul hunter, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon! I will give you the most beautiful and saddening funeral procession ever! For the end of the messiah of misfortune, I've decided on incineration! I want you to suffer!" Flames leap from her hand towards the three, and they cry out in pain.

Chibichibi's eyes flash, and suddenly Sailorchibimoon and the Sailor Quartet descend from above. Chibimoon uses "Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss" on the vines, freeing Sailormoon, Kakyuu, and Chibichibi. The Sailor Quartet then attack with "Amazones Jungle Arrow," tearing Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon to shreds.