Please read this before e-mailing me with any questions.

Can I use your images?
You may use the manga images in the gallery, but all images that were edited by me or are in the fanart section I would appreciate it if you would please ask first before you use them.

Would you please link my site?
If you have an Animamate site, I would love to link it, but for any other sites I only link those that I consider favourites.

Would you like my fanart/fanfiction/poem?
All submissions are very welcome, as I am trying to make Heavy Metal Papillon less unknown. (Though please note that these days it can take me quite some time to get them up on the site, as University takes priority.)

Where can I buy Sailormoon manga?
My favourite place to buy manga in the original Japanese is YesAsia (and if you want translations to go along with those I recommend this site). As for the English version, it's currently out of print but you can usually find used copies on sites like Amazon.

Can you help me with my site?
I'm to busy to be of much help (and pretty useless to boot).

Who are you, anyways?
I'm Butterfly, of