Do you guys remember when it was all the rage to adopt little sprites for your website? Long before fanlistings took over the internet? Well I sure do! So here's your chance to adopt your own cute little Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon who is just dying to go home with you!

* Pick your Papillon and save the image onto your own server (no direct-linking)!
* Don't alter the Papillon in any way (she's happy the way she is).
* Link the image back to Heavy Metal (
* There used to be a list you could add your name too, but spambots kicked it to the curb. If you do decide to adopt a Papillon, I would love it if you could e-mail me and let me know!


(Stationary version)

(Black background)

(Black background)

The first three were made by myself, the fourth was made by Mako, and the last two were made by Daewia.